Rockylou Productions

Working Women Music Videos. Music performed by RnA.

YouTube Playlist
Four music videos created in the fall of 2011 paying tribute to the struggles and triumphs of the working woman. Music performed by RnA with photos courtesy of the National Library of Congress and other Community Commons sources.

59 Cents - Working Woman Tribute
Empowering Labor Day 2011 by standing up against unequal pay along with a tribute to the working women of World War II.

Working Girl Blues
Working women captured in images across time and cultures set to Hazel Dickens' appalachian blue grass tune, "Working Girl Blues".

Bread & Roses
Women are at the forefront of the battle for human rights. For basic bread & the right to vote, education, healthcare, decent wages & a safe workplace

We Won't Back Down
Won't Back Down
US citizens have a history of rising up against the injustices of their time: Women's Suffrage, Labor Unions, Civil Rights. Now is no different.