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Rockylou Productions

New Logo

Thanks to Amber, Rockylou Productions has a new logo and tag line. My own website was taking the backseat to everyone else’s projects. Not good! So we both took some time to focus our creative energies to give the place a more professional look. With the tree and garden image Amber has captured beautifully what goes on in Studio B. I do indeed Cultivate Creativity and Raise Visions so they can be seen in the world.

Talk about being seen in the world... If your layout is clunky you’re going to loose a lot of potential visitors out of frustration. So we gave the Obruni page a serious face-lift. I’ve removed the buggy streaming player and replaced it with easy opening mp3 links, as well as added photos and podcast scripts to the page. You can now listen, view, and/or read all about Amber’s Ghanaian adventures in a user-friendly space.

As I grow so will this site, and I’ll always consider this space a loving work-in-progress. I happily invite you to send me your suggestions for improving the site anytime. There’s still a lot more to go as we think about designing for future growth. Any ideas you’d like to share?

Project Updates

What a long winter. Spring is finally here.... I think.... Happy Our Obruni podcast series has been on hold while I’ve been hard at work, literally at 3M, and continuing to work on my creative projects down in Studio B, and Amber has been occupied with her Unity Singers and gestating a new little soul. Yes indeed... she is pregnant Read More...

Obruni: Take It Up

Our first podcast is complete and ready to share with the rest of the world, “Obruni: Take It Up”. Our intention is for this to be the first in a series of stories that document Amber’s time as an exchange student in Takoradi, Ghana from 2000 to 2001. Podcast

My daughter, Amber, and I have been working for about a month at Rockylou Productions down in Studio B (my basement Happy) to produce this piece. It was a wonderful opportunity for mother and daughter to create together. I am eternally grateful for her suggestion to give-this-a-go. Amber provided the raw material from letters and stories she had written while in Ghana. Then the production journey began as we learned how to use our recording equipment with GarageBand, find and create sound effects, editing and mixing to get just the right feel. I still giggle when I remember how my creativity got a little out-of-control during the ‘Amazing Grace’ segment and Amber supportively reminded me..... “Mom, we want them to say, ‘Please give us more.’ NOT ‘Please make it stop!’” We hope you enjoy this podcast and look forward to hearing more.


Welcome to Rockylou Productions. My name is Rochelle, and it was my Great Aunt Sally who nicknamed me, Rockylou, when I was but a wee little lass back in Eureka, California. The name didn’t stick, but on my journey to reclaim the innocence, creativity and passion of my youth, I’ve brought her back. I’ve been playing around with graphic design, sound, and video production most of my life. Technology today has made so many more things possible and accessible that for my 48th birthday I decided to gift myself with making Rockylou Productions official. The eclectic mix of projects you’ll find here are manifestations of ideas and concepts I find myself attracted to. Rockylou represents the spark and joy of life that is burning within all of us. I hope her spirit inspires you to feed your flame.