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All's Hair in Love and War

Who would’ve thought that finding the right musical soundtrack for Amber’s hopeful suitor bursting into the hair salon would be the hold-up for “Part 2: All’s Hair in Love and War”. But we finally found something (that was public domain no less) that we both agreed suited this loud man stepping in from the street, shouting ecstatically, and doing his little antelope dance.

The previous podcast, Part 1: “The Devil’s Hairground”, followed Amber’s hair braiding adventure from initial optimism to the madness of constant multidirectional hair tugging. A woman in blue pants, the salon owner, seemed particularly determined to yank and twist each braid with cruel ferocity. Part one ended with Amber tossing aside her condescending novel and catnapping to escape the pain, irritation and boredom. We wrap up her epic but light hearted journey as a hopeful suitor enters the shop…

To view photos, scripts and listen to all podcasts in the series click here.

The Devil's Hairground

It’s been almost a year since we’ve posted our last podcast. Having a baby kind of takes precedence over anything else. Happy DJ is almost a year old now. (Check out his latest videos and photos.) And, Amber has a little more time to spend with her mom again. We actually had the narration recorded for the next 4 episodes before Amber went into labor on Aug. 11, 2011, but couldn’t finish them until now.

In this fourth episode of our Obruni series, “The Devil’s Hairground”, Amber takes a hilarious trip to the hair salon that no one will ever forget. It is part one of a two part story which opens an epic but lighthearted journey of initiation from a head of wispy Caucasian optimism to tightly braided African pride. And you won’t want to miss part two “All’s Hair in Love and War” coming soon.... We hope....

A Few Notes On Transportation

Ever wonder what a Tro-Tro was in its former life? Or what’s the job of the Tro-Tro mate? Or perhaps why you’d want to avoid the last seat in the front row? Find out in this, our 3rd episode in the Obruni series: “A Few Notes on Transportation” - a short collection of humorous observations, from a foreigner learning to navigate local transport methods and police enforcement in Ghana.

Obruni Ko Skuul

Amber goes to school in Obruni Ko Skuul. In this 2nd episode Amber has definitely arrived and is settling into the routines of a culture quite different from her own back here in Minnesota. Podcast

Obruni: Take It Up

Our first podcast is complete and ready to share with the rest of the world, “Obruni: Take It Up”. Our intention is for this to be the first in a series of stories that document Amber’s time as an exchange student in Takoradi, Ghana from 2000 to 2001. Podcast

My daughter, Amber, and I have been working for about a month at Rockylou Productions down in Studio B (my basement Happy) to produce this piece. It was a wonderful opportunity for mother and daughter to create together. I am eternally grateful for her suggestion to give-this-a-go. Amber provided the raw material from letters and stories she had written while in Ghana. Then the production journey began as we learned how to use our recording equipment with GarageBand, find and create sound effects, editing and mixing to get just the right feel. I still giggle when I remember how my creativity got a little out-of-control during the ‘Amazing Grace’ segment and Amber supportively reminded me..... “Mom, we want them to say, ‘Please give us more.’ NOT ‘Please make it stop!’” We hope you enjoy this podcast and look forward to hearing more.