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Obruni Ko Skuul

Amber goes to school in Obruni Ko Skuul. In this 2nd episode Amber has definitely arrived and is settling into the routines of a culture quite different from her own back here in Minnesota. Podcast

Mother and daughter have wrapped up the 2nd podcast. (Listen on-line here.) Our technical abilities in the sound editing arena are improving greatly. It was dueling GarageBands down in Studio B. Amber found great clips on YouTube of actual Ghannain voices singing the Ghana National Anthem and reciting their national pledge for us to use. We also expanded our repertoire by creating new sound effects like a head hitting a pillow, crab claws (plastic chop sticks work best), and her math teacher jumping up and down yelling for chalk. But you can give thanks to a relatively unbiased listener who let us know that, though our sound effects were great, there were too many and they were distracting from the story. So we chose to be brutal and give up a bunch of them.
But you’ll still get to hear:
* a head hitting the pillow [It took us 5 different pillows and several attempts before we had something that worked- smashing a feather pillow. Listen close at the very end of the day. ]
* the horrifying bleating goats [Yes they really do sound like that. Those are actual clips taken from YouTube.),
* and the men lined up at the public toilet. [Amber pieced that one together from several different sources.]

We hope you enjoy this episode too, and always look forward to reading your comments.
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